Certificates and Ijāzāt

Certificates and Ijāzāt

Upon completing a course, students have the following options in regards to certificates and ijāzāt:

1. Ijāzah for the riwāyah (for the wording of the matn & for barakah): This type of ijāzah can be awarded to any student who has received the correct wording of the matn (online 1-1 reading). Contact us to arrange a 1-1 reading.


2. Certificate of passing the course: This certificate can be awarded to students who have passed the written exam. Contact us to request the written exam.


3. Ijāzah to teach the book: This type of ijāzah can be awarded to students who have mastered the book. It is not a requirement to memorize the matn, but doing so would be a great advantage. It is however necessary that you know the rules by heart. This exam will be an oral exam. The student will also receive a certificate (شهادة) of mastering the book (إتقان الكتاب). You can schedule the exam here.


Regarding the ijāzah to teach al-Ājrūmiyyah

The exam will be held in English. The scholars have given tawkil (authorization) to Ustādh ‘Abd al-Ḥakīm to examine the students. It is also possible to be examined by the scholars in Arabic.

This type of ijāzah requires mastery of the book. Ustādh will therefore examine you as if you were to teach the book to him. You should be able to answer the questions adequately and explain the rules. The ideal situation is that Ustādh will ask a question, and you explain the rules in-depth and give a few examples to demonstrate your knowledge.

It is necessary that Ustādh can see you during the exam. Please ensure your camera and microphone are working. Sisters may get an alternative solution by contacting us.


Can I look in the matn or my notes?

You are allowed to have the matn in front of you, but the more independent you are, the better; only use the matn if necessary. Ustādh prefers that you do not look in your notes; it is, therefore, better not to bring them to the exam.


Students are welcome to contact us to arrange one of the above options.


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