• 48 Lessons


    Al-Ājurrūmiyyah in the Science of Arabic Grammar – الآجرومية – النحو This course introduces the beginner student to Arabic grammar through the famous book Muqaddimat…
  • 37 Lessons

    Matn Qaṭr al-Nadā wa Balli al-Ṣadā

    Matn Qaṭr al-Nadā wa Balli al-Ṣadā in the science of Arabic Grammar – متنُ قطرِ النّدَى وبَلِّ الصَّدَى – النحو Status: In progress. Lessons will…
  • 42 Lessons

    Takallum (Arabic)

    Takallum means to speak, which is the main goal of this course. As we go through the Madinah Books, the students are asked to read,…