Qurrat al-Abṣār

Qurrat al-Abṣār in the science of sīrah (prophetic biography) – قرة الأبصار – السيرة

The text studied is the famous poem “قرة الابصار في سيرة النبي المختار” – “Qurrat al-Abṣār fī sīrat al-Nabī al-Mukhtār”, which means “The Delightful Sights in the Life of The Chosen Prophet”. The poem is written by the Moroccan Malikī faqīh ‘Abdul ‘Azīz ibn ‘Abdul Wāḥid al-Fasī al-Lamṭī (رحمه الله). It was said that he authored his book Qurrat al-Abṣār between the Minbar (pulpit) and the Ḥujrah (blessed areas in the Prophet’s ﷺ Mosque).

The poem is taught by Shaykh al-Sayyid al-Ṭolbah (may Allāh ﷻ preserve him) with a sharḥ (commentary). Shaykh al-Sayyid al-Ṭolbah is a specialist in naḥw, linguistics and sīrah.

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  • 8 Lessons