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Introduction and course materials

This famous book was compiled by Abū ‘Abdullāh Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad ibn Dāwūd al-Ṣanhājī, also known as “Ibn Ājurrūm” (672-723 A.H.)

Al-Ājurrūmiyyah can be found both versified and as prose. Mauritanians mostly use the versified version, which is also what we will use during this course.

In Mauritanian gatherings, Muqaddimat al-Ājurrūmiyyah is a very important book because it is the first step that a student takes in the discipline of grammar, opening the door to other more advanced books.

The order of the books studied in naḥw at the Mahdara is as follows:
1. Muqaddimat al-Ājurrūmiyyah
2. Matn Qaṭr al-Nadā wa Balli al-Ṣadā
3. Alfiyat ibn Mālik

When you have completed these three books, you will have a solid knowledge in naḥw, in shā’ Allāh. We ask Allāh to bless us with a deep understanding of the language of the beloved Prophet ﷺ and ahl al-Jannah!

The students who want to go further will study Ṭurrat ibn Būna and other major works. As a student, you should solely focus on al-Ājurrūmiyyah until you have mastered it; skipping parts of it will only leave cracks in the foundation.

We make our intentions (النية), praise Allāh (الحمد), begin with His name (البسملة) and we begin our journey into the world of al-Ājurrūmiyyah.

You can download the matn (manuscript) of Muqaddimat al-Ājurrūmiyyah from “Download Books“.

We also recommend using the English translation of al-Ājurrūmiyyah by Hamza Yusuf to assist in your learning. It can be downloaded from archive.org here (external link).