Studying at The English Mahdara

The Available Courses

Based on the scholars’ recommendations and student preferences, we have decided to begin with the following 4 courses. Whenever we finish a course, we let the students decide which course should be next.
In addition to the above 4 courses, we have just started live lessons with one of the scholars from Nabbāghiyyah, al-Shaykh al-‘Āllāmah al-Mishrī al-Hādī (may Allāh ﷻ preserve him and all our scholars). Click here to read more.

Study Start

After enrolling, students will be given the “Student Handbook” and can start familiarizing themselves with the English Mahdara platform.
The lessons in the courses will be rolled out gradually as they are translated. We aim to roll out 3-5 lessons per week. The course al-Ājrūmiyyah is completed and students can now study the entire work according to their own schedule. The other courses are progressing and lessons are added continously.

Studying in English

Whether your goal is to learn Arabic or improve your Islamic knowledge, our aim is to facilitate it for you in English.
We asked the coming students how they prefer to study. 95% prefer pre-recorded lessons, as live sessions entail a fixed time and hence would collide with work hours and time differences. Live sessions also require a live translator as the scholars don’t speak English, which would occupy half of the lesson duration. The lessons will therefore be pre-recorded (in Arabic) with English subtitles and notes. The students will thus be able to take the lessons at their own schedule and pace. Here is a preview of the quality and setup of a lesson (subtitles and notes coming soon).

The Practical

After enrolling, students are redirected to the “Student Homepage”. This is the main page where all important links and information are available to the student. To take the courses, the students must log in to our website (from any device). There will be quizzes in the courses together with assignments. Upon course completion, the student can request an exam. The exams are written and will be time-limited. If the student passes the exam, they will get a shahādah (certificate) of completion. The student can also request ijāzāt (authorization) upon course completion, which requires a phone examination with the scholars. For students who don’t speak Arabic, a translator will be arranged, in shā’ Allāh.

Contacting The Scholars

As in a normal classroom, students will be able to ask questions regarding the lessons and their content. There is a monthly QA where you can ask any question directly. Other questions will be answered by the team or the scholars, as soon as possible in shā’ Allāh, depending on the nature of the question. As students progress and learn to speak Arabic, they may even do phone-calls with some of the scholars.

Future Expansions

The scholars have alḥamdulillāh expanded the courses with tafsīr, al-Akhḍarī, al-Murshid al-Mu’īn by Ibn ‘Āshir, and more. Al-Murshid al-Mu’īn has now begun; the others will become available at the English Mahdara in the future, in shā’ Allāh.
Furthermore, we are working on offering programs such as: ‘Ālim, Muftī, faqīh, linguist, īmām, etc. Students who have completed one or more of the current courses will be eligible for dispensation in future programs (e.g. ‘Ālim, Muftī, etc.) if the course is part of that particular program’s curriculum. We are just getting started with the English Mahdara and we are extremely excited about this journey.

Have any questions?

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have, in shā’ Allāh.
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