About The Mahdara

A Center of Knowledge

The Mahdara is located in the village of Nabbaghiyya, Atrarza, Mauritania. It all began with a single scholar teaching students tafsir of al-Qur’ān daily in his home. During a period of 2 years, they completed the tafsir from the beginning to the end. The Mahdara has since developed into a university where all Islamic sciences are taught. Students from all over the world have traveled to this center of knowledge and later returned to their homelands to spread the light and sciences of the Mahdara.

Bringing Mahdara Online

The Mahdara Online Academy was founded in 2018 and enabled Arabic-speaking students anywhere in the world to study with the scholars. We have, by the grace of Allāh ﷻ, in 2 years benefitted more than 2,000 students in more than 33 countries.
For our non-Arabic speaking brothers and sisters, we are now, on the initiative of the scholars, opening the “English Mahdara” – an Online Academy where anyone can study the traditional Islamic sciences in English. From Anywhere.

The Founders

In the picture you see our team with the scholars – the founders of the “Global Mahdara” (the online academy), also known as “Al-Mahdara al-‘Ālamiyya” (المحظرة العالمية). Close to the middle, you find the visionary behind the online project, Shaykh Youssef (Denmark), in the sand-colored thobe. Due to lack of infrastructure and high costs of data transfer (megabytes) in Mauritania, parts of the online academy is operated from Denmark. Thus, the online academy has been registered in Denmark. We are a registered non-profit organization in Denmark with tax no. DK39380153
The courses, including video production and editing, are made in Mauritania and undertaken by professional partners, to ensure high quality videos.

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